We are similar, aren`t we?

BY OLGA GORYUNOVA AND VIKTORIA BOLSHAKOVA, LOBACHEVSKY STATE UNIVERSITY. Could we imagine some time ago that we will be travelling around the world? Perhaps. Could we imagine that it will be Norway? We did not think so. What did we know about Norway? Scandinavian country, magical fjords, Vikings, trolls… However, we did not know, probably, […]

Russisk redaktør: – Ytringsfrihet betyr ikke noe her

AV STIG ØYSTEIN SCHMIDT OG INGRID TINMANNSVIK. Utenlandskeide aviser i Russland står i fare for å bli tvangssolgt til russiske investorer. – Da mister vi muligheten til å være kritiske, sier redaktør Maxim Vasyukov.  Maxim Vasyukov (33) rister på hodet og sukker dypt. Han er redaktør i avisen Business Petersburg, som daglig når ut til […]

Total freedom

BY EKATERIA MAKHNO, STUDENT AT LOBACHEVSKY STATE UNIVERSITY. Nowadays a lot of countries have already crossed the line of fatal problems such as hunger, poverty, etc. So they have turned their attention to other human problems, such as freedom of choice, including the freedom of speech. Norway fortunately is one of these countries. Everyone knows […]

Comparing Norwegian and Russian journalism: Different models, same targets.

BY ALEX USENKO, STUDENT AT LOBACHEVSKY STATE UNIVERSITY.  It’s not so easy to tell about this event, because I receive a lot of impressions and experience. To begin with, I understood that Russian and Norwegian journalism are totally different. I will compare my experience with experience of Norwegian students. It all starts from the attitude. […]